Checkout Flow

We currently support two types of checkout flows for Sellix Payments: Integrated and White-label. You can also pass a product_id or multiple product_ids through a cart object.

Create a Payment

Create a payment to collect revenue from your customers, pass any amount, gateway, and configuration.


With the integrated checkout option, Sellix handles the checkout aspect for you by only returning a unique payment URL. This unique URL contains our realtime checkout page.



The white-label checkout flow provides the raw order created rather than a payment URL. With the raw order information, you are able to develop and integrate your own checkout experience completely separate from Sellix.

To receive real-time status updates about the order, consider using our Webhooks
  "invoice": {
    "unqid": "sample-uniqid",
    "total_display": 10,
    "currency": "USD",
    "crypto_address": "btc1sample...",
    "crypto_amount": 1.28572,


We offer the possibility to create payments for your products too. You can specify a product_id, and we will take care of the rest.