General guidance

Sellix provides a webhooks system allowing you to subscribe to events with Webhook Endpoints such as Product/Payment Order status webhooks and Dynamic Product webhooks.

Please note only HTTPS webhook URLs are supported.

A webhook simulator is available allowing you to simulate webhook events to a specified URL.

Create Webhook

Configure your first webhook to receive instant & live notifications about things happening within your Store.


To verify the authenticity of a webhook request and its payload, each webhook request includes a X-Sellix-Signature header with a HMAC signature comprised of the JSON encoded request body and your webhook secret. Your webhook secret can be changed in your settings page.

Unlike the API Key, a webhook secret is unique for every shop.

Signature verification code samples


Each webhook request will feature a X-Sellix-Event header containing the webhook event type. A list of supported events from Webhook Endpoints can be found below.

order:createdThe order has been created.
order:updatedThe order status has changed.
order:partialThe order status is now partial, indicating a cryptocurrency payment that has been sent but not covering the whole amount.
order:paidThe order has been flagged as paid, this is the final state.
order:cancelledThe order has been cancelled either by the fraud shield, the merchant, or due to not receiving a payment within the time window.
order:disputedA Stripe/PayPal dispute has been opened against one of your stores.
product:createdA product has been created.
product:stockA product’s stock has fallen below the warning range.
product:editedA product has been edited.
product:dynamicThis event is issued only for dynamic products, to learn more about dynamic products, click here.
query:createdA query has been created for one of your shops.
query:repliedA reply has been received for one of your queries.
feedback:receivedOne of your customers left a feedback for you.
subscription:trial:startedA trial has been started for one of your subscriptions.
subscription:trial:endedA trial has ended for one of your subscriptions, this is usually followed by an order:created event.
subscription:createdA subscription has been created, to learn how to better handle subscriptions, please see this guide.
subscription:updatedA subscription has been updated.
subscription:renewedA subscription has been renewed, after receiving a new payment.
subscription:cancelledA subscription has been canceled, either due to not receiving a payment or by a manual action of the customer.
subscription:upcomingA customer will have to pay for one of your subscriptions in the next 72 hours.
order:paid:productThis event is the same as order:paid, however the :product segment indicates that it originates from a webhook URL configured within a product, which is now deprecated
order:partial:productSimilar to order:paid, this event is the same as its parent.
order:created:productSimilar to order:paid, this event is the same as its parent.
order:disputed:productSimilar to order:paid, this event is the same as its parent.
order:cancelled:productSimilar to order:paid, this event is the same as its parent.
order:updated:productSimilar to order:paid, this event is the same as its parent.


Each webhook request will create a Webhook Log. The object is created by the request that has been sent. Before the request’s response has been received, the response_code will be 0, indicating it is pending.

Logs will only be kept for up to 30 days. After this period they will be deleted

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