Subscriptions enable businesses to charge their users with recurring payments.

Dashboard subscriptions

See active and ongoing subscriptions.

Dashboard active subscriptions

View in-depth details about recurring payments through the dashboard.

Dashboard subscription details

Customers are also able to view, cancel, and update their active subscriptions through the customer panel.

Subscriptons on customer portal

No-Code implementations

Certain subscription integrations do not require businesses to write a single line of code. Let’s learn how!

For communities

If you wish to monetize your Discord or Telegram communities, we have tools for it. By integrating with our Subscription system, you can do that with zero lines of code.

By connecting your Discord or Telegram community to our system, with or without coding, you are able to

  • Automatically add a customer to your Discord Server/Telegram Group
  • Automatically add a role to the customer’s Discord user
  • Automatically remove the customer from your Discord Server/Telegram Group if they stop paying
  • Automatically remove the customer from your Discord Server/Telegram Group if the subscription period ends

For serials

When creating a subscription, you are able to choose a Subtype (File, Serials, Service, Dynamic).

Learn more about Dynamic products here

By using dynamic products, you can create recurring payments that send your customer a new kind of product every time that a payment succeeds.

For example, if your product subtype is Serials, we will automatically send your customer a new serial for the configured product.

Create a Subscription with Subtype

Use the Sellix dashboard to create a subscription and assign it a subtype.


From the get-go, we natively support cryptocurrency payments for subscriptions, automatically billed or not.

Subscriptions with Cryptos

We natively support subscriptions automatically billed with cryptocurrencies. Learn more here.


Integrating subscriptions within your website might require some coding knowledge due to having to listen to webhook events.

Subscription Developer Docs

Go through the developer documentation for our subscription system to learn how to handle events