Sellix Storefronts

You can create your e-commerce website from the ground up using Sellix Storefronts.

Storefront dashboard

Create your Store

Choose one of our themes and create your store in less than 60 seconds. Then, add your products and groups and go live.

By default, your store will be accessible at You can connect a custom domain to unlock SEO and other features.


We’re always working to create new themes for our merchants. As of today, we have two available themes: Modern and Default.

You can choose them from your Sellix dashboard, and customize them afterward to make them truly yours.

Themes store

Customize your Theme

Either through code or with our visual editor, you can fully customize your store appearance.

Customize themes Customize theme images

Code Editor

You can also fully edit the code of our themes, enabling you to either fully customize the Modern/Default theme, or create one from scratch that suits your business perfectly.

Theme code editor


Custom Domains

If you possess a domain, you are able to connect it to Sellix through our dashboard.

Connect a domain


By connecting a custom domain, we will automatically adapt your store to the SEO best practices.

We will index it for search engines, create sitemaps for your products which are automatically generated for every language as well.

You will not have to do anything else, as even metadata for each product page is taken care of.

After connecting your custom domain, it might take up to a few days for it to be indexed by Google.

Email domains

Email Domains

The same goes for emails, you can customize both the domain where they’re sent from, but also the Sender (Sender@domain).

Connect an email domain


Sellix Storefronts support the native Sellix Checkout, which enables customers to purchae any kind of product, get immediate delivery and increase conversion rates.

Sellix Checkout