You can share links of your products that are either unlisted or present on your website, but at the same time, prefill certain fields that might be known or simply useless, and thus skipped.

The prefilled fields are present in the querystring, such as https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/product/<PRODUCT_SLUG>?quantity=5&gateway=LITECOIN&step=1

YOUR_DOMAIN is either your Sellix store name ( and PRODUCT_SLUG is either the uniqid of the product you want to share or its slug (taken from the title).

Available querystring parameters

Here is a list of all available querystring parameters, along with a brief description of each

quantitySpecifies the number of the same product to purchase
gatewaySpecifies which payment gateway should be selected (see full list of available gateways)
stepSpecifies which step of the checkout process should be displayed. enum(0,1,3)
emailThe customer’s email address
couponCodeThe code of a coupon that should be applied automatically to the purchase


The available step number to be configured on links is one of

  • 0, the default checkout step (product details)
  • 1, the gateway choice step
  • 3, the email and pay button step

The same logic applies to payment links; however, they natively support the Generate Prefilled Link+ button, which helps you create a pre-filled querystring sharable link that you can send to your customers.