Bearer Token

Sellix’s API uses Bearer authentication with your API Secret Key. You will have to send your API Secret Key via the Authorization header.

Your API Key is the same for all the stores you have under your account.
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY

Your API key can be accessed and re-generated in the security tab.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS.

Multiple Shops

If you have more than one shop (merchant) under your Sellix account, you can send API requests for non-primary merchants by passing the X-Sellix-Merchant header to each request.

The X-Sellix-Merchant header must be equal to the merchant you want to authorize. For example, if your Sellix account has two merchants (1. Jack, 2. James) and you want to make API requests as James, you need to pass the X-Sellix-Merchant header with the value “James”.